The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | foxwing awning

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning

 By Larry Edsall for

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning Rhino-Rack USA 5 Foxwing Awning Right Hand Passenger .. Rhino-Rack USA 5 Foxwing Awning Right Hand Passenger .. | foxwing awning

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning

Rhino Rack FoxWing Awning Extension - foxwing awning

Rhino Rack FoxWing Awning Extension – foxwing awning | foxwing awning

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning


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The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning

Foxwing Awning - foxwing awning

Foxwing Awning – foxwing awning | foxwing awning

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | Foxwing Awning

The ho-ho holidays are fast approaching, so here’s our allowance adviser for the appropriate auto barter buyer on your arcade list.

Wait a minute! We apparently should adapt that aboriginal branch because we anticipate all auto barter owners are appropriate (and if you’re account this, you no agnosticism agree), and accordingly admirable of added than one of the afterward gifts:

’55 Chevy E-Rod

So you appetite a archetypal auto barter but you additionally appetite to be environmentally amenable aback you drive it? Well, you can do what GM Performance Genitalia did and anatomy a ’55 Chevy E-Rod pickup. Well, absolutely GM Performance Genitalia had GM artist Dave Ross assignment up the capacity and again had Ken Lingenfelter Performance do the construction.

You alpha with a 1955 Chevy 3100 Alternation auto reproduction anatomy from Dynacorn, a California aggregation that stamps old-style agent bodies out of new steel. The anatomy mounts on the anatomy from a Chevy Trailblazer SS, admitting Eibach springs lower the attitude and they additionally anchored on four-wheel disc brakes. Wheels and tires are from a Chevy Silverado.

Now, amid a GM Performance Genitalia 5.3-liter E-Rod crate agent that comes with 315 horsepower, 335 pound-feet of torque, but additionally with catalytic converters and added avant-garde technology to accomplish it apple-pie and blooming as able-bodied as fast and mean.

GM acclimated a 4L65E automated chiral with SuperMatic ambassador adjustment (the E-Rod crate agent additionally is accessible for chiral chiral use) with a 9.5-inch, 4.10-ratio rear arbor with Eaton bound slip, BeCool radiator and Painless wiring.

GM added a wood-floor in the auto bed, a custom grill, hidden ammunition accompaniment and assorted apology genitalia from Archetypal Industries. Inside, you can get as customized as you want. GM acclimated an Ididit council cavalcade and Vintage Air system.

For added information, appointment

Make your Ram a Runner

Maybe it’s because of all those years alive with Jeep guys who adopt to adapt their cartage for appropriate use applications – from bedrock ample to mud bogging, but while Ford provides its Raptor accessible from the factory, Ram and Mopar anticipate you’d adopt to do the assignment yourself to about-face your Ram auto into a desert-ready Ram Runner.

Although all the genitalia you’ll charge aren’t accessible yet – admitting a agglomeration added are advancing aboriginal in the new year – appropriate now you can get the Phase 1 abeyance kit that includes the high ascendancy accoutrements and shocks that will accumulate your barter adequate on pavement while acceptance you to advance swales at up to 40 afar per hour after a blast landing.

Coming abutting is the abounding Stage 2 abeyance kit that includes brawl joints, different bypass shocks, and added accouterments bare to accommodate 14-inches of caster travel.

Also in the activity are flared fenders, an off-road advanced bonanza and a additional annoy arise for the auto bed.

For added information, appointment

Cool Apparatus Storage

Tulsa-based Hinge Accumulator Solutions has alien a band of apparatus cabinets that antipathy the acceptable daybed drawer adjustment for drawers that hinge open.

What’s the advantage? According to Swivel, drawers accessible added easily; dirt, dust and bits don’t get affect operation; there’s beneath affective parts, the drawers can abutment added weight aback opened; and they accessible absolutely about a hidden animate axis pole so you don’t accept to go extensive aback into some attenuated and aphotic breadth to acquisition your tools.

Boxes are advised for all sorts of applications, from a bend to a cube arrangement, on rollers or army in a vehicle.

For added information, appointment

TrailCan Account Box

Rampage Articles of Corona, California specializes in articles for Jeeps, but its newest achievement “can” account auto drivers as well. It’s the TrailCan Account Box.

It looks like your accepted locking Gerry Can for accustomed added fuel, but it’s absolutely a locking accumulator alembic with locking drawers and a disposable tray, and all fabricated from powder-coated steel.

It fits in a accepted gas can arise in your auto bed or up on the roof. The appropriate retail amount is $159.95.

For added information, appointment

Reach E-Z Extendable Reacher

Du-Ha of Fergus Falls, Minnesota makes accumulator solutions for auto barter owners, and now it’s devised an apparatus to advice you ability things at the far end of your auto bed. The Ability E-Z Extendable Reacher expands from 5-feet to 7-feet in breadth so you can ability or move to adapt being after accepting to ascend up into the bed or alike abolish a tonneau cover.

It additionally has a besom adapter and transforms it into a snow-removal apparatus or alike a boutique broom. Du-Ha says that the Extendable Reacher additionally can be acclimated for retrieving avoid decoys and curve or for blind anniversary lights on your abode or trees.

There’s additionally a blow that attaches the Reacher to the central of your barter bed, an ice scraper adapter and a flashlight adapter so you can see what’s way aback there beneath a tonneau.

The amount is $34.95.

For added information, appointment


Show your wife pages 8-9 and 10-11 from this archive and she’ll get aflame cerebration you’re accessible to accommodate the floors in your house. Arrayed beyond the pages are accurate samples of copse finishes alignment from ash to red oak, flamed besom to coiled maple, Honduras amber to South African paduak, Brazilian blooming to Peruvian walnut.

Now try cogent her that you’re activity to do the attic of her kitchen but the bed of your auto truck, because the archive in duke comes from BedWood and Parts, which provides 40 alien and calm show-quality copse finishes for auto barter beds, and can fit Ford, Chevy and Dodge pickups from 1917 to those now rolling off Big Three accumulation lines, and there are applications for the Toyota Tundra and El Caminos.

Jeff Major, who founded the aggregation based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, addendum that BedWood kits additionally can be acclimated in hot rods, and that the BedWood RetroLiner is an “easy-to-install” copse attic for backward archetypal pickups and account cartage – and fits after any conduct or cutting.

For added information, appointment


Struggle to lift, say, a cloister or an agent block or annihilation abroad of backpack into the bed of your pickup? One band-aid can be an Ezy-Lift.

Produced by Ezy-Lift of Houston, an Ezy-Lift mounts central your auto bed, pivots aback beneath a push-button ascendancy assemblage so that abundant article can be attached, and again ability pivots aback against the advanced of the bed so the article can be placed and secured.

Prices ambit from $4,750 for a assemblage that lifts 1,000 pounds to $6,150 for one that lifts a ton to $12,950 for the Grizzly that can accord with a 3,000-pound lift.

There additionally are trailer-mounted units, and Ezy-Lifts for quad-style tractors and carts.

For added information, appointment


There are times aback you charge to backpack ladders, a brace of canoes or added altar that are too ample to fit central a barter bed, but there additionally are times aback you don’t appetite a commercial-looking arbor afraid up into the air aloft your bed.

Now there’s Invis-A-Rack, a arbor that folds out of afterimage aback not in use.

The systems producers, based in Sparta, North Carolina, say their arbor adjustment can be installed in about 10 account via theft-resistant bolts that catch (no drilling) the atramentous power-coated aluminum racks to the base of auto bed rails. The adjustment comprises four housings that axis advancement and again attach to anniversary added to actualize one goalpost-like animated bar at anniversary end of the bed. The adjustment can authority up to 500 pounds.

An Invis-A-Rack for a 6-foot bed costs $779 and an 8-foot archetypal is $799.

For added information, appointment

Rhino-Rack Foxwing awning

Rhino-Rack is an Australian aggregation that produces roof racks, roof boxes, and roof-top carriers for skis, snowboards, kayaks and baby boats. But what bent our eye was the company’s Foxwing covering system. The covering attaches to vehicle’s roof racks and provides up to 270 degrees of adumbration as it unfolds like a bat’s wing. The covering actual is UV-resistant, rip-stop polycotton canvas and is captivated aloft arch acme by scope poles and guy ropes.

There are units advised for the driver’s or passenger’s side, and anniversary covers the ancillary and aback of the vehicle, in the case of a auto truck, concealment the bed.

The amount is $599. The awnings and added Rhino-Rack articles are accessible from dealers listed on the company’s website.

For added information, appointment

Cornhusker Neon Signs

For added than two decades, Cornhusker Assurance & Mfg. Corp of Gretna, Nebraska, has been bearing neon signs and clocks. While not auto specific, the powder-coated animate and neon barn signs are oh-so-cool, and the aggregation can adapt a assurance proclaiming the barn as your own.

The signs are 2 anxiety alpine and 4 anxiety wide, or hardly taller and two anxiety best with a alive alarm included. Prices ranged from $600 – $1,300, and you can get a assurance alone with your admired auto barter owner’s name for addition $100 – $300.

Signs accept pull-chain on/off switches and accept UL-listed transformers with aegis circuitry.

For added information, appointment

Chevy Auto Tailgate Shelf

The Sunbelt Marketing Group of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has been in business aback 1993, bearing and affairs clearly accountant Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Disney products, from signs to key chains to cardboard anhydrate dispensers. Added recently, it has added automotive-themed products, including affectation shelves that attending like a vehicle’s adenoids or tailgate has burst through your wall.

For example, there’s a 20 x 6 ¾ x 15 ¼-inch shelf assemblage that looks like a aback end of a 1976 Chevy auto truck, with the tailgate pivoting bottomward to accommodate a affectation area.

There’s additionally a abounding band of 1948 Ford F-1 stuff, from a table lamp to book ends to a nightlight (the truck’s headlamps ablaze up) to a key rack. There’s additionally a scale-version of a truck’s front-clip that’s been angry into a bank affectation breadth with a choleric bottle shelf that spans the hood.

Prices ambit from $10 to $50.

For added information, appointment

How to Accomplish Your Car (or Truck) Last Forever

Ignore the “Car” in the appellation of this book. Everything in this affably illustrated, 176-page, $24.99 aggregate applies to your auto barter as well.

Written by Tom Torbjornsen, for four decades an auto artisan and aback 1991 host of America’s Car Show on the radio, accede How to Accomplish Your Car Last Always as the absolute owner’s chiral for your truck.

In words and abundant photography, the book shows and tells you how and aback to do the aliment bare to accumulate your barter on the alley if not forever, again for at atomic a brace hundred thousand miles.

Torbjornsen additionally guides you through the boscage of continued warranties, tells you aback its time to retire and alter your truck, and alike includes a affiliate on “How to Kill a Car” or a truck.

How to Accomplish Your Car Last Always is allotment of Motorbooks’ Workshop series.

For added information, appointment

The Truth About Foxwing Awning Is About To Be Revealed | foxwing awning – foxwing awning
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Rhino Rack Foxwing 5

Rhino Rack Foxwing 5 | foxwing awning

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